For engaged sky watchers and at good sky conditions we can offer the use of a first class telescope with tracking capability for observing and imaging the  Moon, Planets and Deep Sky Objects. A binocular telescope 88 mm with 32-fold magniification and 90 degree insight invites for day and night observations.

Detailed information about the astronomy related activities of the host you will find at his astropages:

The video below is showing the Altaussee  night sky of Aug 13, 2012 towards east. Despite the dark alpine environment the sky suffers from the street lights and the illumination of the Altaussee clock tower.

Even below you see the special Altaussee night from 14. to 15. of August 2012 "Mountains at fire" as time-lapse movie.

Altausseer Nachthimmel am 13.8.2012 Richtung Osten
Altausseer Nacht vom 14. zum 15.8.2012 "Berge in Flammen"
Juli 2020 Richtung Süden Mond-Jupiter-Saturn
Komet Neowise am 20.7.2020 vom Tressenstein Richtung Loser